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This design utilizes an array of color, lines and varying textures that will delight the customer for years to come.

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This design was created for a farmhouse in Wrightstown, PA dating back to 1784. Subtle, flowing curves complement the home and define the shape of our new beds which include natural looking plants.

It took one call to Cravener & Sons Landscaping to transform the front beds into a spectacular garden and install an EP Henry patio and sitting circle with ornamental beds.

Cravener & Sons Landscaping designed this landscape to create an EP Henry patio leading to a sitting circle with beautiful beds that would burst with color in the summer months. The final product led to many relaxing and enjoyable times lounging poolside.

When a neglected landscape reaches a certain age, it is time to begin a new with fresh planting. With this Langhorne home, the design was intended to construct a renovated landscape that would get the attention of anyone who was passing by.

This layout would represent a complete transformation of a backyard of this Holland residence. Our designer worked with a deck builder and the home owner to create an incredible entertaining area complete with an EP Henry brick colored patio.

Cravener & Sons Landscaping designed an outdoor oasis in their enclosed backyard that could be enjoyed all year long. Starting with a flowing EP Henry patio with a lighted sitting wall that proved to be ideal for outdoor entertaining.

With this design, Cravener & Sons Landscaping designed an EP Henry sitting area, sitting wall and walkway which would blend with the existing hardscape. The surrounding beds have a "bombastic-loaded with color good time feel."

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